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The TOP brain-enhancing & relaxing game of 2017!

What, the Fox is a challenging puzzle adventure game with funny foxes!


The Goal is simple: Put all the Foxes in the hole.

How can the game be Relaxing and Challenging?

We have built a forest environment with sounds and objects you’d find in a real forest offering the relaxing feeling but we made sure that the levels were not easy to pass without pushing for your brain and that is why it is also challenging!

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WTF is so Addicting!

What, the Fox (or WTF for short) brings an immersive experience since the moment you start playing the game. Put your headphones and relax with the sounds of nature!

Puzzle Adventure

“What, The Fox?” takes you through a journey into several mystic and charming worlds, full of adventures and traps.

Infinite Mode

As soon as you complete your first journey, you get access to the infinite mode with new levels. Compete with your friends and make as most levels as you can.

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Brain Game

WTF is also a game to exercise your brain. You will need to find different strategies so that no fox is left behind.

4 Ways to solve!

All of the curated puzzles present you 4 ways to solve: with 0 stars; 1 star; 2 stars and 3 stars. Try solving in different manners.

WTF is described by players as an addicting and challenging game, but still with a top relaxing environment powered with forest sounds!

What does “What, The Fox?” means?

The question we make is “What, The Fox?” and the answer that YOU, the player, have to give is: “The Fox? They are all in the hole!”, and that just means that you did the job great!


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